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Woodside German Shepherds & Sandy Anderson


Sandy Anderson is the heart of Woodside German Shepherds.  Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, her love and passion for the German Shepherd Dog goes far beyond enjoying their companionship.  For more than 30 years, she has been Canada's leading breeder of top quality German Shepherds. Sandy has made phenomenal contributions to the breed, providing healthy dogs with sound temperaments and with a clear winning edge. She has bred and owned Grand Victors and Grand Victrixes, 

the most prestigious of wins in the German Shepherd venue. Most recently, bred and owned the 2013 US Grand Victor and the 2014 Canadian Grand Victor. Megabucks is a perfect ambassador of the breed, bringing magnificence, perfection in structure, temperament, health and performance. He is truly, the super dog of German Shepherds. To date, Woodside has produced more than 300 Champions in Canada and the United States and that number continues to grow.